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Visionary Reflections

What you can tolerate, you cannot change.
You can’t appreciate what you don’t respect.
What you make happen for somebody else, God will make happen for you.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
Something you do daily.
If you succeed, it’s based on your daily habits.
Rewards in life are based on the kind of problems you decide to resolve.

If you insist on taking something God didn’t give you, He will take something that He gave you.
The tithe is not a debt it’s an acknowledgement of our debt.
When you give your tithe you plant a seed and God sees it as a seed of authorization for him to reproduce a great harvest in your world.

AN uncommon seed is the impetus for an uncommon blessing.
Give God something you’ve never given before and what God move.
It’s not the size of the gift, but the obedience through which you surrender it.

God’s only pleasure is to be believed upon.
God’s only pain is to be doubted.

Wisdom is learned through dealing with people and going through pain.
How one reacts to a man of God determines how God will react to him or her.

Let go of what’s in your hand and God will let go of what’s in his hand.
Let go of something you can see and God will let go of something you can not see.
You don’t always reap where you’ve sown, but you will always reap what you’ve sown.

Mike Murdock

Raising Leaders

While many leaders are born they must still be cultivated, mentored and trained. When we look at one of the greatest biblical leaders in recorded history we understand the process of becoming a leader.

Moses had to encounter the following steps:


Moses’ preparation began far before he got to the Red Sea. Moses was being prepared when his life was spared from the evil murders of the Hebrew boys. This preparation and provision only placed him in a position to be placed in the brushes of the Nile to be discovered by Pharaohs Daughter. Every rising dreamer must be prepared!


Moses received an outstanding education. He was expose to the best knowledge and academy under the roof of the King. But not only did he receive knowledge but wisdom. Little did the King know that Moses’ mother, who was hired to nurser her own son, fed him with family wisdom and understandings of his culture. Every rising dreamer must be educated!

The Vision:

It was not until Moses found himself on the backside of the dessert that he was able to see and know who God was. It was in this place that God was able to reveal Gods self to Moses. It was hear where Moses’ eyes were opened to the awesomeness of God and the power of God. It was her Moses received the vision of a people liberated from bondage. Every rising dreamer must see the vision!

The Call:

After understanding what the vision was Moses was then called and commissioned to manifest the vision. It was at that burning bush that Moses heard God say, “I want YOU to be the one I use in order to set My people free!” Every rising dreamer must be clear of the call!

The Acceptance:

After the call, Moses was faced with one of two options: Accept or reject the call! Many leaders will run from the call and struggle with the call in their lives. It is understood that God is willing to wait for us to answer with a three letter word: Yes! Every rising dreamer must accept the call!

The Implementation:

While Moses made excuses and struggled as a leader the fact remains is that he got the job done. As leaders we must understand that if God gave us the vision, it is only God who can ensure that the resources are available for that vision to become manifested. All we must do is walk by faith! Every rising dreamer must act!

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