The Elijah Network


Greetings Sons, Daughters & Colleagues in Ministry!

Sometime ago God gave me a vision. This vision was to create a system and a network of Ministers, Clergy, and Pastors for the purpose of mentoring and networking. From this vision was birthed The Elijah Network. It is my intent to be like Elijah and develop other Elishas!

Many of you have attended The Elijah Network’s Conferences and Seminars in the past. Now as I am preparing to take my ministry to the next level, God has given me the opportunity to open The Elijah Network Partners!

…you want your ministry connected to the hundreds of other clergy across the nation! Along with your registration you will receive VIP treatment and access to our yearly Elijah Network Summit! With over 30 years of spiritual experience you will not be disappointed. Many of you have requested pastoral guidance…well here it is!

What is the Mission of The Elijah Network?

To recruit, develop and equip partnership with Men and Women who have been called to be (Cutting-Edge Ministry Leadership) leaders in the Work of God by revealing the Kingdom of God in the Spirit of Excellence

What is the Vision of The Elijah Network?

To Provide Professional Development, Shared Resources, Networking Opportunities among colleagues by Establishing One-on-One Leadership Coaching and Support to all its partners through Quarterly and Annual Conferences through predetermined study and dialogue Sessions.

These are Elijah Network Ministries goals:

  • To Establish Covenant with Other Ministers, Pastors and Partners
  • To Build Network Opportunities for Ministers and Pastors
  • To Develop One-On-One Partnership Support
  • Establish Forums to Share in the Challenges and Success of Ministry
  • To Assist in the Challenges of Leadership in a Ministry Setting
  • To Assist Ministers, Pastors, Partners in Developing and Casting Individual Corporate Vision
  • Equip Partners for Leadership in Church and Community Growth
  • To Provide Personal Professional Development
  • Develop Partners for Cutting Edge Ministry
  • Assist Partners how to Properly Market your Ministry Successfully

How does partnering with The Elijah Network Benefit You?

  • Attendance to Annual Raising Leaders Summit
  • Attendance to Quarterly Networking Roundtables
  • Personal Mentorship and Spiritual Covenant
  • Quarterly Gifts of Educational Ministry Tools, materials and shared resource to express appreciation for your partnership and continued pledges into the Elijah Network Ministry
  • A Special Elijah Network Partnership Discount for all activities

Tuition $250 per course

All payments are non-refundable.

Contact us for more information!