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Dr. Flippin

Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr.

Have you ever wondered how you can enlarge upon who you are and enjoy life at a much higher level? Have you been thinking about how you can quickly move ahead in your personal, professional and family life? Can you think of someone you know who seems to be more successful than you? You have the potential to enlarge you and become successful in every aspect of your life. A life coach can help you. You can enjoy your best life just as others you admire.

Life coaching is becoming a phenomenon of the 21st Century. I’m William E. Flippin, Sr. and am blessed to be a part of this wonderful phenomenon – helping others to transform their lives. Coaching is so empowering, it is about helping “you” transforming your life to become the person you are destined to become. You have the solutions within and as your coach I can help you bring forth these solutions by listening to you, asking questions and guiding you. I will be your cheerleader. You will learn to enjoy taking responsibility for your own life. You owe it to yourself to find out how to become your best.

Let me share a few testimonies from others that affirm my transformational coaching record.

An Encouraging Word

“Rev. Dr. William Flippin, Sr. is among the top ten individuals who have influenced my life. He is a devout servant of God, an incredible visionary leader who leads with his head, heart and humor. I am blessed to have him serve as professor of leadership in the Department of Leadership Studies at Beulah Heights University, where he excites and pours the best into his students.” Dr. Betty Palmer, Leadership Studies Chair Beulah Heights University

A Listening Ear

William E. Flippin Sr. is a good man. What else can one say . . . he is a gentleman and a scholar. He is a progressive-thinker; a “doer,” and one of the most compassionate souls I have ever met. Pastor Flippin is “living a life worthy of the calling he has received.” Pastor Flippin has been “appointed to go and bear fruit that will last.”- Ms. Bunnie Jackson Ransom, FirstClass Marketing

An Empowering Perspective

“I have known Dr. William Flippin since 1989 and have found him to be a strategic leader who leads with his head as well as his heart. His singular passion to empower and equip others, especially the next generation of leaders, bleeds through everything that he does. His engaging warmth and incisive help through his coaching and consulting would be a huge assistance to any leader. I highly recommend Dr. Flippin to you”.- Dr. Sam Chand, President Dream Releasers Coaching More than 25 years of professional experience, training, mentoring and resourcefulness are included in every coaching relationship.

If you want to get the most out of life, take the coaching challenge: Call me today, and let’s explore together the impact a life coach can have on your future!