Raising Dreamers

Life Coaching & Vision Casting

Are you looking to awaken the leader in you?

Dr. William E. Flippin Sr. is a Certified Life Transforming Coach! Whether you are looking to:

Start a new career

Lose Weight

Start a business

Improve your parenting skills

Improve a relationship

Build your ministry or manifest a dream

Dr. Flippin’s training and words of wisdom will help you get there! Contact us today to schedule a consultation session!

There are many services and opportunities offered through the RAISING DREAMERS branch of The Flippin Legacy Ministries. To the left you will find a plethora of opportunities designed for your specific needs! If you are seeking one-on-one training and mentorship be sure to view our Life Coaching section. If you are looking to connect with other Pastors and clergy from around the country for ministry related coaching and networking be sure to check out what The Elijah Network has to offer you!  If you have read works by persons such as Deepak Chopra, John Maxwell and Sam Chand but asked yourself, “how can this message fit my particular community?” we can bring these universal concepts to your community in our Urban Transformation!

Is Your Church Ready to be Transformed?

No Church has a future unless its dreams are bigger that its memories

Transformation Associates offers a one-year transformation process that renews and revitalizes churches with weekend attendance of 500 and under through discovery, discernment and development. Throughout each phase, churches are equipped to envision their kingdom potential and are trained to develop an integrated plan to move towards their preferred future. Get started by registering today!